New technology of gene drive – Change?

I decided to use Hooponopono to clean up all issues linked with the risk of the bioweapon, and ensure that we use new technology in better way we can.  I decided to clean up to see if new articles …

Source: New technology of gene drive – Change?


I got to the next level of medicinal assistance program

Due to my previous post I felt less pain for underarm seems to a success only to minimum pain. And I felt that tiredness is a still an issue. I think there is emotional issues behind on that. I will requested next time. 

Due I felt there are many emotional unresolved issues I want to bring up to MAP. I decided to pick an issue which I was sexually abused by a man when I was 10 / 11. 

As I described my own story to MAP team I tried to cover physical emotional mental and spiritual levels. They are working on me and I have not yet reach to explain sexual abuse occurred in story. The story was unfinished. 

I realise there are many emotional issues I realised they worked so hard on me so I realise I need further sessions. 

I realised that I want to resolve it so I can improve my life better. 

In past I often follow the book guidelines to have 2 times per week but I got worse. I realise I dump the appointments and should requested as much as I can. I am not junkie though. 

Let see how I proceed with further sessions. 

Access Consciousness – starting to read the book

Access Consciousness I meant to read it two years ago but I postponed and postponed, which I read the first chapter of Being you, Changing the World. I did not read it further but today I make promise to read it further and I learn so much from there, it keep me more motivation to ask the universe questions but not allow to answer my own questions.  If you read that book you will know what I mean.

I will respond to this in more depth when I finished the book or finish few chapters.

Struggling but catch up healing from MAP

After writing the first post yesterday, I tried to have MAP session but worn out and felt sleep.  Then I woke up this morning early and had a session.

It seems to be that MAP session has clear up the energy that caused me tiredness, and at the end of the session, I felt there is no tiredness.  It has been a while that I feel so tiredness energy has been gone but still felt that I need further healing.

I still feel the pain from my underarm that I had a problem in past month but it has decreased so far but I still felt there is are some more healing.  Perhaps I need to request for my next session today.

I want to getting better, my aim is getting more fit, more happy.  But I know I am not that happy yet.


Re-Do Medical Assistance Program for my spiritual health

I would like to return to this Medical Assistance Program where I can focus on my health – I have few health problems which including my body were so worn out, and pain in my shoulders and my back.  I have used Medical Assistance Program in past ten years but it seems it has not worked for me in past a couple of years because I keep fell asleep.

It seems that I had to read the book by Machaelle Small Wright again which I have done few times in the past.  It helped me to feel refresh.

I had to request a session when I come home from the work.  I felt sleep which my body was working to collect energy, then I woke up from the gap, and I recognise the spirits (Deva) were working on my body.  I knew that I must to do it again and requested for another session.

I decided to record sessions for Medical Assistance Program where I want to prove myself that my body can be developed to light body, much more healing and improve my life.